About Our Firm

Hahn & Hessen LLP combines the best of large firm practice and a mid-size firm environment. While we are a pre-eminent business finance firm with a practice and client base mirroring that of the "big firms", we also enjoy the congenial, familial atmosphere of a mid-size firm. Hahn & Hessen attorneys work on the cutting edge of business finance, corporate and bankruptcy-related matters, typically representing sophisticated financial institutions.

Our Practice Groups

Incoming entry-level associates join one of Hahn & Hessen’s practice groups, but our associates benefit from the firm's integrated practice philosophy by often working with attorneys in related disciplines. For example, bankruptcy associates may work with business finance partners and associates on a troubled loan restructuring and corporate associates may work with our bankruptcy practice groups in connection with the sale of the assets of an entity in a bankruptcy proceeding. We believe this exposure to related practice areas enhances our attorneys' development and better enables our attorneys to effectively represent our clients.


A distinguishing characteristic of Hahn & Hessen's practice is its desire to give associates responsibilities to handle matters with appropriate supervision as quickly as the firm believes the associate is capable of handling the matter. This enables associates to develop at an accelerated pace with much more practical experience.


Junior associates work directly with partners while they gain experience in their chosen specialty area. Mentoring, formal and informal, is also provided by colleagues and as a result, associates quickly assimilate into our practice. Our attorneys follow an informal open door policy, allowing easy access for brainstorming as well as guidance on unfamiliar topics.

New associates are encouraged to attend and participate in various Continuing Legal Education courses designed to provide not only in-depth knowledge of their particular practice area, but also a broader base of knowledge pertaining to the firm's other practice areas. These seminars are conducted in-house by partners, special counsel and senior associates in an informal setting. Associates also attend seminars on topics of interest given by business and professional groups.

Associate Participation

Our associates play an important role in the firm's recruitment process. The Associates Committee, charged with the task of recruiting and hiring summer and entry level associates, is comprised of associates and partners working together to interview and recruit new summer and entry level associates. Associates who serve on the Committee, along with associates throughout the firm, help develop and participate in the summer associate program, which affords us all many opportunities to interact with each other and our potential new associates.

Compensation and Benefits

Hahn & Hessen offers a competitive benefits package to its associates. Our salary levels are competitive for firms of our size in New York City, with a more reasonable expectation of billable hours than exists at many firms. The firm has bonus program which rewards the exemplary work of associates. Incoming associates receive full disability and life insurance. Hahn & Hessen also pays a substantial portion of the premium for medical insurance for our associates and their families. Associates receive four weeks of vacation per year and participate in the firm's 401K Plan.